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Flight Simulation potential

Flight Simulation potential - Full Flight Simulation

The increased power of regular PCs (personal computers) and improvements in graphics, hardware, and simulation technology to non-professional users has opened up further opportunities to utilize a PC as a training aid. While early simulators allowed instrument approaches to be practiced, with photographic scenery add-ins pilots can now practice visual flights and navigation. Rehearsing a flight in the PC with some hardware components mimicking a real cockpit, before performing it in the real world, makes training sessions in the real aircraft more productive. This emulation of accurate and depictive simulation cockpits leads to development of very affordable and extensive training and research on aircraft navigation procedures, especially during the complex stage of airport approach.

Flight Training Device - Airbus A320

RPAS tecnology and potential

RPAS tecnology and potential - Full Flight Simulation

We are strongly motivated to provide inovative solutions, utilizing the most reliable and cost-effective RPAS equipment, on three core activities such as Surveying, Precise Agriculture and RPAS Pilot Training.

We could offer also services of Aerial Photography to add extra value to your business marketing solution.


Crop Fields Remote Detection (Infra Red Imagery)

Flight Simulation Products

We have produced so far a variety of products to increase the realism and immersion on Flight Training and Simulation experience. Clients from all over the world have chosen our line of products.

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Flight Simulation Products - Full Flight Simulation

Crop Surveying/Precise Agriculture

Crop Surveying/Precise Agriculture - Full Flight Simulation

As required by our clients, we could perform Crop Surveying and take specialized imagery from its agricultural plantations to help on decision making process.

With our specialized photographic cameras we could offer a very specific image of the crops, in respect to the health, dimension, and grow of the cultures. Everything on our operation is made with safety and with cost effective criteria. 

In short time periods we could offer specific imagery of remote areas anywhere in the world, with the services being executed by our field team. 

Full Flight Simulation

A320 MCDU Bezel

Full Flight Simulation

Airbus A320 Radio Navigation Panel

Full Flight Simulation

A320 Overhead Panel Buttons

Full Flight Simulation

EFIS Control Panel

Full Flight Simulation

Glareshield Wing

Full Flight Simulation

Airbus A320 MCDU panel

Full Flight Simulation

Airbus A320, customized FCU and EFIS Panels

Full Flight Simulation

Airbus A320 ECAM Switch Panel

Full Flight Simulation

Airbus A320 FCU (Designed for Microsoft FSX)

Full Flight Simulation

Airbus A320 Autopilot Flight Control Unit module

Full Flight Simulation

Airbus A320 EFIS control panel

Full Flight Simulation

Airbus A320 Glareshield Wing panel